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Here comes an extra-long post all about everyone’s favorite (& most personal) accessory: hair. By far, I receive the most emails from you guys asking about my hair – how I color it, how I curl it, even how I get it up in a super-high half pony.

Today, I’ll answer most of those questions by going throw my holy-grail hair products. There’s a lot, so let’s get into it...

DRYBAR ALE BRIGHTENING SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER - Let’s start from the very beginning with shower essentials. On a day-to-day basis I’ll use any hydrating shampoo and conditioner (think Biolage or Paul Mitchel – I like to switch it up.) Two to three days a week, I’ll use this purple shampoo. I was skeptical about whether purple shampoo could actually lighten your hair, but trust me it does. This shampoo takes out all the yellow tones in my hair (which I hate) and keeps it looking almost white-blonde.

BABYLISS PRO HAIRDRYER - Invest in a good hair dryer, it will save your hair. I swear by anything Babyliss Pro.

BABYLISS PRO NANO FLAT IRON - I’ve gone through quite a few of these in my lifetime (stepped on a few, melted plastic on one, electrocuted myself with one in the UK – long story) but I always go back to this exact model. The most asked question I get on my blog is how I curl my hair – this babyliss straighter is the answer. It’s thin enough that it’s super easy to use as a curler and straighter. To curl, I simply clamp down on a section of hair, flip the straighter back like a curling iron, and pull through the rest of my hair. Reading that back, it’s a little confusing, so my best suggestion is to watch a tutorial on YouTube on how to curl with a flat iron. I also straighten the bottom inch of my hair for the “un-done” messy look.

 BABYLISS PRO CURLING IRON -  To curl the front pieces framing my face, I use this iron. Despite the curling wand trend, I prefer this iron because you can easily use the clamp or just wrap your hair around the barrel as if it were a wand (a two-in-one).

BEDHEAD AFTER-PARY CREAMA little bit of this goes a long way. I use a teeny about after to smooth down any baby hairs and give my hair some extra moisture.

 BABY POWDEROkay, hands down the strangest thing on this list but also one of the most helpful. Super blonde? Baby powder is only dry shampoo you will ever need (yay it's cheap!). When your roots are starting to show,  conceal them with a bit (okay, sometimes a lot) of baby powder. The white powder instantly erases any dark roots while adding instant volume. Yes, my friends think I’m crazy - but it works.

  Enough rambling on my end! If you have any more questions about my haircare routine let me know :) LOVEKELL
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TREND WATCH: Off-the-Shoulder Tops

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The off-the-shoulder trend. If you’ve gone shopping the past few months or even scrolled through Instagram, you know this trend is taking over—and fast. Usually when trends like this blow up it completely turns me off—who wants what everyone else is wearing? For some reason, it’s just not the case with off-the-shoulder tops for me. Here’s why:
1. They're Oversized. When it comes to tops, I prefer them to be super oversized. I’ll typicaly grab for a large top when shopping. Why? It’s effortless looking. I have this theory that when you size up in tops it makes it look much more expensive (maybe it’s just me?) I also feel like an oversized top flatters your legs since they look longer and thinner in comparison (also maybe just me?).

2. They're Flattering. A lot of people forget that shoulders are something to show off too! Unlike super low-cut shirts (or the "lace-up" trend that needs to go!) it's a subtle & classy way to show a little skin.

3. They Put Necklaces on Display. I'm loving dainty necklaces and chokers. These shirts are the perfect way to show off minimalistic necklaces that typically get lost in an outfit.

Who else is loving these tops?!

x Thank you SheIn for collaborating in this post x 

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Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset   Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset   Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset   Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset   FOREVER21 DENIM SKIRT // NASTYGAL TOP // REBECCA MINKOFF BACKPACK // ASOS SNEAKERS // FOREVER21 CHOCKER    I can't get enough of this off-the-shoulder top and choker combo! These suede tie chokers are everywhere! At first, I was a little apprehensive towards the trend because I typically don't like dressing super boho, but I think paired with the right things (like this edgy Rebecca Minkoff backpack and these platform sneakers) it works! Not sure how to wear a choker? Try for an off the shoulder top or something with super-thin straps - it allows you to have a little something extra happening around your neck. I've also been living in these platforms. They make commute to work a breeze and give me an added 2 inches - a win win!  


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FITNESS TIP: My LEAF by Bella Beat

Hey guys! Back today with a fitness update.

As most of you know, I recently started a job in Boston. The upside? I get to walk to work! The downside? I spend a lot of time sitting at my desk (and I mean a lot). The LEAF by Bella Beat came into my life at the most perfect time and I can't express to you how much I love it.

I've always been weary about fitness trackers because when it comes to staying fit, I'm number-obsessed. I want to know exactly how many calories are coming in and out, and I have always tracked this in MyFitnessPal (also recommend if you don't have the app already.)

The LEAF completely changed that for me - which I think is a good thing. It's more of a "wellness" tracker than a fitness tracker and gives you a general idea of how much activity you've had throughout the day. It's been a nice break not thinking so much about calories in, calories out (I have enough to think these days!) - and honestly, mental health is just as important. Sometimes when we become too obsessed with what we are eating and how much we are working out, it can take a toll.

Here's an idea of what the LEAF tracks + sends straight to your iPhone...


My favorite things about the LEAF? If you don't feel like wearing it on your wrist, it can clip on to your bra or you can wear it as a necklace. Like I mentioned above, the LEAF is different than other trackers because it takes into account all aspects of your health. It tracks your sleep, your menstrual cycle, your daily steps, and even has guided mediations! I struggle a lot with anxiety at night and it has seriously helped me fall asleep.

Low-key obsessed with getting as many steps in as possible. It's like a game to me (I'm a 5 year old.)

What do you guys do to stay on track? Let me know down below.


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